IDOL is not just a name, IDOL is an attitude, a way of seeing the world without fame-tinted glasses. Born from an adoration of relentless ambition and the ‘go getter’ generation, we seek to bring truly inspirational people to light and give them the recognition they deserve.

IDOL is an explosive amalgamation of under-the-radar talent; providing a launch-pad for dreamers and a showcase for hard-workers. From those who are fresh on the scene to those who know all the tricks of the trade, we see the beauty in their journey.

IDOL never dates, we find new inspirations every day and are on a constant path of fascination and discovery. We delve into the worlds of fashion, music and arts, as well as the creative strings that tie them together. Too much of the media is dominated with artificial glamour and mindless celebrity status, we aim to show the people who truly glitter.

The IDOL family are a like-minded team of diverse individuals. Equally passionate and dedicated we share a penchant for the go-getter generation, as well as being a part of it. We are working to create the IDOL lifestyle, and hope many come on board to our way of thinking.

Don’t let your IDOL’s be anything but inspirational, join our revolution.