Wellcome Collection proudly invites you to explore the idea of consciousness and discover what can unfold when our conscious experience is interrupted, damaged or undermined. States of Mind is a changing exhibition featuring perspectives from artists, psychologists, philosophers and neuroscientists, designed to interrogate our understanding of such experiences.

The first to honour the exhibition is contemporary visual artist Ann Veronica Janssens. Famed for her subjection of perception through the use of light and colour, Janssens latest artwork continues to offer the viewer a multi-sensory experience, this time through the invading of the gallery in a cloud of coloured mist. Titled yellowbluepink guests become enveloped in a thick smog illuminated by those very colours. As soon as initially ushered into pink mist, the level of obscurity quickly becomes apparent and you are thrust into a state of disorientation, obscuring perception of depth and surface. It becomes ridiculously easy to believe you are staring into the open to then walk into one of the gallery walls, thus challenging our conscious perceptions even further due to the lack of directionality deliberately embedded. This lacking quality emphasises the eternal characteristic and subjects our perception to question what is real.

Viewers react differently while they transition through the separate colours, some feel nauseous, some panic, some feel a sense of familiarity and some bathe in the glow and obscurity of the unknown. A refreshing, yet most likely unplanned, aspect of the installation is that it does not nearly translate as well through smart phone photography, demanding the viewer to experience the installation fully present and therefore explore the wonder of our conscious experience at its full potential.

yellowbluepink is running at Wellcome Collection from October 15th until January 3rd. For more information see here