Multi-media artist Doug Aitken brings a collaborative effort to London this month; a project featuring 100 artists and 50 varied performances. ‘Station to Station’, is a ‘living exhibition’ set across indoor and outdoor space and combines the work of artists, filmmakers and visual creatives for a ’30 day happening’. A smoke colour spectacle from swiss-born Olaf Breuning is just one of the must-see works, featuring alongside artists Marcus Coates, Olafur Eliasson, Ian Forsyth, Jane Pollard and many, many more. ‘This is not a tour, it’s not a package, it’s not a system. It’s something which is ever changing,’ the LA born artist explains.

The interactive, theatrical event runs from 27 June – 26 July and is certainly not one to be missed.

Station to Station is also an album featuring interviews with Doug Aitken and artists involved in the project such as James Turrell, Stephen Shore and Lawrence Weiner. Available now via Prestel.