From the artist that brought you the consciousness exploring interactive installation YellowPinkBlue at the Wellcome Collection in London, comes a thought-provoking solo exhibition at Bortolami Gallery in New York.

The Brussels-based artist predominantly examines concepts of light, colour and perception, creating stunning immersive and interactive experiences, that borderline dreamscapes and surreal realities. The artist continues to create new and exciting ways to feed our sensory experiences, and in this solo exhibition she presents us with a Zen equilibrium of both material and immaterial objects; a heap of blue glitter resonating gestural painting, floating platinum structures, and monuments made of light. With a focus on light as her medium of choice, she uses it to sculpt vibrant shapes, and plays with the idea of opacity, transparency and perceptive illusions of gradients from light to dark. She effortlessly provides an experience of viewing light as a solid yet intangible object.

With something fresh to expect from each presentation of work, Janssens also has a second solo show exhibiting at the Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, Texas from January 23, 2016 – April 17, 2016.

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ann veronica janssens


Ann Veronica Janssens


Ann Veronica Janssens

Bortolami, New York
9 Jan – 20 Feb 2016


Nasher Sculpture Center
Dallas, Texas.
January 23 – April 17, 2016


Images via Bortolami Gallery