Life on the road is something everybody should experience at some point in their lives. The people you meet, the places you encounter, the memories you create – these qualities are unique to travelling, among others. If you still needed any convincing, look no further than Théo Gosselin’s work. The French photographer captures his travels and the experiences that come with them; the result is a series of photographs, both grainy and soft, that portrays the enticing side of travelling that you’re unlikely to find in a brochure. From wild antics in the great outdoors to the long journeys on the road, and the peaceful moments of rest in between, his photography is a testament to freedom and new experiences with the people that matter. Read our Q&A with Théo below to find out more about his work and its meaning.

Where are your favourite places or settings to take photos, and why?

I worked in France for a long time and I still do, but the USA is without a doubt my favourite playground. There’s a particular atmosphere to it – the places and objects lead us directly to our favourite films. But the place isn’t the most important aspect, it’s above all the people, the models… The “human” part is the key to my images. I photograph people before photographing places… I could be in a Lidl car park in the suburbs of Melun [Île-de-France] – so long as I’m with my friends, the photos will be cool.

Your photographs are often very intimate. Is it difficult for you to encourage your subjects to trust you when it comes to this type of photograph?

Yes, they’re very intimate, but I’ve been photographing my friends like this for over 7 years… They’re used to it and never complain. I don’t stage or prepare anything – they’re leading their lives; all I do is capture their everyday.

Do you think photography separates you from these experiences that you capture, or does it make you more aware of life?

Actually, now that the photography brings me closer and closer to all of these experiences, I am more and more aware of life and of the magic of our everyday. Capturing our lives like this allows me above all to have photographic memories of all of our adventures.

Is there a photograph that’s particularly memorable to you?

Yes, there’s one incredible memory: one night while camping in the wild up the mountains of Colorado, with my love Maud Chaland.

The stars. A fire. Love.

All photography by Théo Gosselin.

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