Melbourne-based artist Celeste Mountjoy (better known as Filthyratbag on Instagram) is causing quite the stir with her illustrations, which contain a heavy undertone of satire. She has managed to gain and captivate the attention of 20 thousand loyal followers since creating her account in July 2013.  Mountjoy’s audience are predominantly young women, who ‘like’ every post mainly due to how relatable and relevant they are. In an Instaworld saturated with illustrations of glorified celebrities; it’s refreshing to witness a take on pop culture that genuinely makes us laugh  a little.

The 16-year old artist delves into modern topical areas ranging from mental illness and feminism, all the way to the struggles of a starving artist. And it’s her ability to expose these issues through such a humorous lens that gives her work real appeal.

Almost every conversation and situation can be broken down, pulled apart and then diluted into a concentrated essence of someone’s brain or character” states Mountjoy. “I think most of the characters in my comics are based off people I’ve encountered and then amplified to be over the top and to the point. People are weird and dark and hilarious all the time without even trying to beyou just need to look at things a little different to recognise that.

This artists sarcastically hilarious response to humanity in all of its catastrophic misfortune is something we all need in our liveswhether it’s in order to enlighten us in terms of the hypocrisy within society that often goes unrecognised; or simply to have a laugh at her bizarrely empathetic posts.

Check out Mountjoy’s work here.