Last night in New York, renowned hairstylist and costume designer Charlie Le Mindu debuted his spectacular Parisian set Charliewood, hosted by legendary night life impresario Ladyfag and Blondie’s Debbie Harry. The amalgamation of music, fashion, and performance art assembled to visually transport the audience to a surreal fantasy world that Salvador Dali would surely approve of.


A giant mouth-like doorway led you to a room featuring an enigmatic sequence of hair-raising performances combining modern dance and ballet. Dancers wearing giant noses and ears opened the show and enchanted a fascinated audience as they moved and contorted their bodies on stage.


Attention was then diverted towards another stage where performers were, again, transformed into an other-worldly appearance. Dancers covered in bodysuits made of hair extensions danced in red-lit circular windows like Amsterdam’s Red Light District on acid, while simultaneously another dancer covered in silver glitter captivated viewers as she shaked and shimmied with burlesque-like moves.

Glitter Performer

A character in a quintessential Le Mindu costume closed the show in a hairy Chewbaka-like ensemble complete with lights, performed a modern dance that literally lit up the whole stage.


Charliewood is a must-see revue show that visually pushes boundaries to give viewers a reason to escape the insanity that is going on in today’s world.