New London-based art-music-clothing collective Something To Hate On has shown us how social media, and especially Instagram can lead to a huge brand awareness – in a positive and negative way. The four 20-year-olds behind the brand, Raf Law, Daniel Mould, Max Clarke and Basil Fisher started their Instagram page only 8 weeks ago, publishing photos of hoodies and shirts with their slogan ‘Something to Hate On’ printed on them. As soon as people were able to buy the mini-collection, everything sold out within a week…


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Without any real explanation of what SHO really stands for, customers got driven by the exclusivity that the brand inherited and simply fell for the cool slogan that suddenly was hyped on Instagram.

“The clothing was a form of brand identity”, explains Clarke. “We didn’t really know how to promote ourselves without having an event so we were like let’s stick our logo onto these and get it going,” so Mould.

Highly driven by the desire to inspire London’s party scene and youth culture, SHO created something with a true authenticity, combined with arts and in collaboration with other young people who are just about to grow their visions and businesses, as Mould said, “I really like the idea of young people promoting other young people.”

“What was nice as well is that since we set up the Instagram, people from word have mouth have DM’d us with pictures of their stuff saying, ‘Can I get involved? I would love to do stuff’. One guy we literally just met off Instagram and he’s got his stuff here,” stated Law.

Last week the collective stepped out of the internet and celebrated a pre-launch party in Soho’s Greek Street, featuring the work of more than 15 artists and contribution of friends, family, musicians such as indie singer Cosmo Pyke, models like Jude Law’s daughter Iris Law and even a perfume maker called Ezra.

only badboys sip henny. SHØHO HOUSE VIBES

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Their goal is now to set up another exhibition to showcase the artists they are willing to collaborate with in the long-term, yet uncertain of where the project will be heading… We are more than excited!

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