In IDOL issue 8, artist Daniel Arsham discussed his personal relationship with his work and how artists today are influenced by the internet and social media. As highlighted in the interview, architecture is an integral element of his art; as well as sculpting. Well now, Daniel has a new title to add to his resume – director.

Future Relic is the artist’s nine-part series, which is set to debut alongside the Tribeca Film Festival, which takes place in two days on Tuesday 28.04.2015. Last week, Daniel revealed the trailer for the third film of the line-up, which is full of beautifully controlled shots of Juliette Lewis, beautiful architecture, animals, spectacular views and tranquil water scenes. Packed in 54 seconds, the trailer itself is a work of art and leaves us anxiously awaiting the full film. Set to debut on NOWNESS.

Watch the trailer below: