Kyler Zeleny is the founder of website, a website that contains pretty much what it says on the tin – polaroid’s that Zeleny has personally found and compiled. He began collecting polaroid’s several years ago in flea markets, thrift shops, ebay, wherever he spotted them, and once he had hit 6000 images, decided to put them on display via a website. Doing so creates a new lease of life for these forgotten and lost images, tuning them once more into pieces of art that people other than just Zeleny can admire. He claims he is personally interested by the ‘one off nature’ of the polaroid form: a copy does not exist of this exact frame, making it a unique object.

These images, now out of the hands of their owners, also provide an endless mystery to be solved. The site invites its visitors to create and submit backstories to each frame, making it a creative space where context can be altered and imagined – the pictures can be given endless meaning. Even if you don’t submit a story, it’s hard to scroll through the site without your imagination being roused as to what is occurring in these captured moments. Who are these people? Where do they live, who took the picture? It really is a great idea by Zeleny to breathe a bit of old school, creative air back into the digital world we live in, and recycle what was once loved to be again relevant.

Visit the site to take a look at the images yourself.