GRAY M.C.A, the leading specialists in Fashion Illustration and Modern Art is proud to pay tribute to the highly respected Canadian War Artist, Fashion Illustrator and Modern Painter, Irwin ‘Bud’ Crosthwait.

Coinciding with London Fashion Week SS16, the selling exhibition is being held to highlight the raw talent, versatile vision and sensitivity embedded within Crosthwait’s Fashion Illustrations. Fascinated by the work of master Fashion Illustrator, Carl ‘Eric’ Erikson, Crosthwait attended New York Fashion Collections, there he realised his instinctive feeling for the female form while simultaneously discovering his enviable talent of sketching astonishingly quickly and maintaining an effortless effect created through his light touch.

Crosthwait’s thirty-year career as a Fashion Illustrator saw his name and style become synonymous within the world of Haute Couture in post-war Paris. The exhibition is to sell more than sixty original works from private collections around the world, many of which were commissioned by the most renowned of fashion publications and designers, including; Harpers Bazaar, Vogue, Givenchy, Dior and Yves St Laurent. His unique style and ability to capture the verve, spirit and elegance of each individual design gained him the love and respect of the fashion world’s luxury design houses, particularly Givenchy and Balenciaga who requested Crosthwait attend and sketch their latest collections.

The exhibition is to showcase the development of Crosthwait’s distinctive style as his career progressed. The illustrations all contain Crosthwait’s unique use of line and colour while the works created in the 60’s and 70’s exhibit brighter colour palettes and more intense detailing, perfectly capturing the defining style of the era.

Drawing on Style is to be held from September 17th until the September 22nd at Gallery 8, St. James’s, London.

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