Imagine you could leave all the trials and tribulations of our modern century, and go on an epic adventure through some of the world’s most exquisite barren expanses – a trip sure to reconnect your soul with the natural world. That’s exactly what photography duo Tania Shcheglova and Roman Noven, aka Synchrodogs did for some of their most recent projects. Embarking on a thousand-mile escapedes to some of the most stunningly untouched and otherworldly regions our world has to offer, the Ukrainian daredevils have travelled to dangerously volatile volcanic islands; glaciers chockfull of deep dark crevasses ready to swallow up anything that dares to trespass; and even lakes bursting with geysers of boiling water that could burn you alive. This is all done in the name of photography, with the duo planning their shoots, locations, props and costumes for months on end.

The results from their undertakings are truly visionary. Exploring notions of the self, as well as reveries and altered states of consciousness, Synchrodogs create wonderfully staged images of bodies in foreign landscapes, using the rawness and purity of desolate nature. Addressing very human concepts of the subconscious and sublime experiences, their photos blur the line between the real and the illusive, questioning the very nature of the natural versus the artificial, as well as pushing their audience to confront the unfamiliar and the unknown. Their surreal imagery, often shot in places that almost look extraterrestrial, reimagines the physical and metaphorical bond between humans and nature, presenting stunning situations where the body seems to melt and seamlessly interact with the energy of its surroundings.

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