Plucked from the brilliant mind of creator Lena Modigh comes the feminist zine, Period. Exploring the themes of womanhood, girlhood and most importantly, sisterhood, we warmly welcome Period. into the publishing world. Detailing a refreshing concept amongst a sea of glossy magazines, Period. is the aesthetically pleasing journal celebrating incredible women and exploring the cultural subjects unfortunately deemed taboo by mass media magazines.

Stemming from the initial inspiration for the concept of the zine – Ia, the model and artist featured on the cover, Modigh decided Period. should work on an open approach, detailing a creative collaboration of people she finds intriguing. Featuring compelling writing from Kristina Sigunsdotter and Jaana Alakoski, amazing illustrations by Ia, Ani Eloyon and Paola de Grent and beautiful photography from Nina Andersson, Erika Wall and Anna Kleberg, Period. celebrates extraordinary women both in context and production.

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