23 year old photography-talent Sahar Gilani captures the natural beauty of femininity and youth. Besides the female body, her bright and playful imagery showcases still life, mixing artificial elements of urban surroundings with natural pieces such as fruits or plants. The London based LCC photography graduate started taking pictures at the age of 16 and ever since has been fascinated by nude art. With her work she showcases the authenticity of young women – see her series ‘Liz’ – as a ‘vivid explosion of flora, nudity nostalgia’.

Highly inspired by female figures of the Renaissance, and the aesthetics of photographers William Eggleston, Martin Parr and Henri Matisse, her photographs reflect her memories, personal stories, combined with her disregard towards oversexualisation against women.

Find some of her best work below, discover her portfolio here and watch out for her future projects that will be feature collaborations with artists to reflect her love for drawings and paintings.


From ‘2016’



From ‘Femme’


Fruits of Life

From ‘Fruits of Life’


From ‘Liz’


From ‘Liz’

Pseudo Paradise

From ‘Pseudo Paradise’