The month of August sees the commencement of FUTURE FEMINISM in Aarhus, Denmark. The festival exhibition was convened by transgender musician and artist, Anohni, alongside her co-creators Kembra Pfahler and Johanna Constantine, coinciding with her month long stay in the city.

“FUTURE FEMINISM calls for the emergence of a feminine collective consciousness to save what remains of our world,” reads a press release about the exhibition. Anohni also published a compelling essay entitled God is a woman, now or never, which explores the planet we live on, creation, and what it means to be a ‘woman’. Read a fragment of the essay below to give you an impression of what this multi-talented zealous individual is all about:

“Yet trapped in a schism in which he imagines himself to be forever separate from the Femaleness that bore him, “mankind” dreams of appropriating his mother’s magical power in a demented, last-minute land grab. Our hero/baby attempts to assume authorship of this world. But creating life was never his forte. That was not the power that Mother gave him. Like an animal thrashing in a trap, his every advance entrenches him more deeply in his new role as bringer of death. Even his most alienated swerve balls are the fodder of her creative initiative; his thoughts and impulses cannot exist outside the realm of Her Creation”.

Words by Matilda Sandi. FUTURE FEMINISM runs from 11 Aug – 3 Sep. Feature image by Melanie Bonajo via