Laura Callaghan’s illustrations turn humdrum moments into wildly thrilling cosmoses, riddled with knotting patterns and intensely vibrant colour palettes. A desk cubical is animated with personified office junk and crowded wall hangings with whimsical slogans; a millennial girl’s bedroom is the scene of a BFF beauty jamboree session, with vanity and floor littered with spilled nail polish, compact powders and lipsticks.

Skillfully hand drawn, using a mixture of watercolour, Indian ink and isograph pen, her illustrations always feature a richly diverse mix of young urban girls, each slyly shooting a blasé side-eye – the signature Callaghan girl expression. She depicts scenes that are undeniably accessible, moments that we all frequently live and breath and often wouldn’t think twice about. But Callaghan has a way of transforming these moments, evoking a powerful sense of sisterhood, and nurturing the beauty of ennui and the solid, tangible realities of the everyday.

Her latest personal project titled ‘Aspirational’, addresses the disingenuous nature and impossibly high standards of online living. Fed up with the superficialities of inspirational quotes and being force fed duplicitous, seemingly perfect Instagram feeds brimming with false body positivity and an obsessive seeking of positive affirmation, Callaghan took to illustration to express her woes and concerns on the consumption methods of our current generation. With big corporations latching on to the inspirational bandwagon, trying to forge an absurd emotional connection with their customers on social media, Callaghan creates authentic tongue-in-cheek narratives that poke fun at this overtly inaccessible world.

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