“A dream you dream alone is only a dream, a dream you dream together is reality.” – Yoko Ono. This is the quote to have inspired collage and appropriation artist, Jonathan Rosen’s solo show, titled I Want To Dream.

With a background of creative directing in advertising, it comes as no surprise that Rosen’s art is informed by the power that words, typography and visuals hold over the viewer. Rosen embeds this fascination into his artwork by creating collages which all contain the phrase ‘I Want’ carved into the centre of the artwork, symbolising the reminder through the use of negative space that all dreams remain unfulfilled until they become reality. The exhibition is set to debut twelve canvases, each and every one wanting something different from the next. Rosen claims the works are completely personal however due to the relatable nature of dreams they are also layered with universally accessible hidden meanings.

Initially, the project began with the discovering of all of the personal collections Rosen had subconsciously accumulated, these including baseball cards, high school yearbooks, business cards etc. and realising they were in fact secret wants he had been too afraid to expose. I Want To Dream relates the phrase with the collaged materials, with I Want To Escape layering travel tickets; I Want To Be A Winner collaging lottery tickets, I Want To Fly detailing rows of pristine white feathers and a late addition to the exhibition of I Want Peace, paying respect in response to the recent Paris attacks.

I Want To Dream prompts the viewer to reflect on his or her own dreams and desires and aims to embed the realisation from Rosen’s personal experiences that if they remain hidden they will never have the power to manifest.

The exhibition is running until January 2nd 2016 at Colette, for more details see here.

Rosen_Bad_Detail Rosen_Cookie_HeroRosen_Fly_HeroRosen_Found_HeroRosen_Peace_DetailRosen_Winner_Hero