Brixton’s Photofusion Gallery has bought together two photographers for a joint exhibition, that have never actually met in person. Wisdom Cries in the Streets joins two strangers works together, Harlem based Khalik Allah, and Peckham’s Adama Jolloh, to create one surprisingly seamless showcase of urban society through contemporary and progressive street photography.

Khalik Allah, hailed by Time as “Harlem’s official street photographer,” has been photographing on the corner of 125th and Lexington since 2012. Using his Nikon FM2, he produces work that sits at the intersection of street photography and environmental portraiture. His subjects are framed within the landscape of life on the margins, defined by sidewalks, bus lanes and cladding. His photos are taken at night, lit by streetlights and the neon signs of nearby stores.

Adama Jalloh’s photographs meanwhile, are an act of socio-political defiance, in the face of preconceived ideas about working class communities and post-colonial migration. Her work battles against preconceived notions and presents a more honest picture of South London life, taken during the daylight hours.

Night and day come together to present the uncovered, day to day worlds of South London and Harlem, shot across an ocean from one another, and yet strangely in sync. Find out more about the exhibition over on Photofusion’s website.