Renowned for his captivating computer generated shorts, created for the likes of Louis Vuitton and Peugeot, Visual Art Director Kouhei Nakama, has recently unveiled his latest project, titled DIFFUSION.

Created using reaction-diffusion models, systems devised to simulate biological processes in mathematical testing; Nakama has injected his intriguing aesthetic and answered the question as to how humans would look with patterned skin. To investigate the potential of human flesh, the textures and patterns which disperse onto the human canvas, in both orderly and abstract fashion, have been plucked from the ever inspiring natural world. Initially the white structures engulfing the crimson canvas are reminiscent of coral, unearthing the symmetrical detailing nature so ethereally creates, then swiftly shifting to the futuristic aura of the digital infused hexagons consuming the canvas. The contrast of light and shadow, in this instance, artificial, is captured through the vibrancy of the rainbow colour palette, juxtaposed against the harsh black backdrop. Through technical transitions, the setting slyly morphs back to the accents of the initial colour palette, however this time the crimson background engulfs the canvas, somewhat portraying the shift-shaping qualities of X-Men’s Mystique. With the element of symmetrically once again encompassing the canvas, connotations evoked shift from robotic to poetic.

To end the experimental film a collective of human bodies are merged together, forming a mutilated sculpture, connected in more ways than one. Captivated by the bass of the melody, the bodies react simultaneously, vibrating and shifting in colour, texture and finally state. Robotic, poetic and now extraterrestrial, the alien atmosphere embedded both aesthetically and through the unnerving realness of DIFFUSION is now apparent and further emphasised by the narration of Kai Engel’s ‘Highway to the Stars’.

Kouhei Nakama’s DIFFUSION, in addition to his previous work, is an astonishing example of the exquisite ability CGI programs can now achieve. To see more of his work, view here.