In an arguably worrying time for women’s rights post-American election, Chicago based artist Laura Berger presents a pastel world of female solidarity and strength. Her delicate works depict soft, womanly forms, emitting a sense of tranquillity that flows through the gentle hues and relaxing scenes, as her women lounge around together in a simple, geometric universe.

“It helps to reinforce a sense of calm and to physically envision a peaceful world where we’re all honouring our connectedness and just hanging out together in a place of total ease”, says Berger; a powerful message for such soothing pieces. Using traditional acrylic and gouache paints, Berger’s works embody a simplistic vision of positivity and hope for womankind.

Softer World is currently being shown at Artist’s Republic Gallery in Los Angeles until December 3rd. Find more of her works here.



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