Stop, think, reflect – it’s that time of year again. In the midst of decorating trees, wrapping presents and abusing bank accounts, December is often the month of reflection. Good or bad, all things eventually come to an end, and it is only natural – human – to analyse what has now gone, contemplate how it could have been different and project on what’s next. On a personal level, some people tie up loose ends or do that thing they have been promising and then putting off doing all year, and others curate the classic ‘resolutions’ list. On a professional level, X Company may sit down and brainstorm New Year plans of change, progression – you name it. On a creative level – this where you, us, them come in – we think about those who have bubbling under the surface or have innovated their field or after a plethora of brilliant work still have so much more to give. We think about the 2016 ones to watch. And below, we chart a few from the art & culture sphere…



Eye Want Change is an organisation, simply, but actually it is a creative movement founded on the ethos of inspiring and educating through collaboration. The child of students, it was created for students who find themselves at the centre of cuts to public funding for the arts, by offering them a chance to enter the film competition hosted by Eye Want Change. The organisation provides people with a unique opportunity to showcase their work, which is required to follow two main conditions: 1. films are shot on a smartphone, webcam or tablet, 2. film entries should endeavour to creatively cover a societal issue of interest. 2015 has been the year Eye Want Change has made their mark known, after a successful competition and an array of events. 2016 will be a year of progression and growth for the organisation – no doubt! Check out the 2016 submission details here.



Something O’ver the Hill is a unique podcast. To summarise, there are two people, Bart Dangus and Abigail Lynch; these two people are travelling across North America, towing their home behind them. They left their 9-5 lives in favour of something a little less rigid, and they have decided to document their journey. Along the way they meet a variety of talented and intriguing people, some of whom they chat to, they record their conversations and – voila – the podcast is born. Will they continue travelling North America? Who will they meet? What will they discover? 2016 hold the answers.



Molly isn’t an unknown face or name. The internet is her safe haven, a place where she exhibits her life, work and art. For her, the internet is personal. Last month she opened her debut solo show at Annka Kultys Gallery, London, From My Bedroom to Yours. Prior to this, Molly has shown her work alongside other young women artists of Art Baby Gallery including Petra Collins, Ayqa Khan, Miza Coplin, Molly Matalon, Vivian Fu and many more. We can’t wait to see what Molly Soda has in store next year, another exhibition in London? (We hope).



Rupi is an artist, whom in the past has generated interest for posting images on Instagram of herself on her period. The latter half of this year, however, marks a new reason to shine a spotlight on the young artist – her first book. milk and honey is a collection of poetry and prose about survival – all personal and all beautiful. Her writing illustrates violence, abuse, love, loss and femininity. So far, the book has touched the hearts of many and inspired so many more. Right now, though, Rupi is having a break from writing; she is travelling and experiencing in an attempt to get back in touch with herself and bring new life to her writing. 2016 will hopefully offer the chance for us to read this enlightened work.



This year, five teenage girls made it their mission to make a change. Girls Against is ““just some intersectional feminists standing up to groping at gigs”, they say. It all started when Hannah Camilleri, 17, was harassed at a gig last month; the five girls turned to Twitter and the interest has quickly escalated. Day after day people have been sharing their own stories – girls and guys. Support has been amazing, and shows only promise heading into the New Year. Please support Girls Against here, and fingers crossed for safer gigs in 2016.