At first glance the wonders of Patty Carroll’s miraculous mind, embedded within her chaotic hand-built installations offer an escape from the ordinary and a welcome into the claustrophobic perfection of her surrealist scenes. Look closer and unveil the deeper meaning detailing the relationship between female domesticity and identity.

Reconstructed accompanies two coinciding projects within the Anonymous Women series. The first being Draped; a project which references draped statues from the Renaissance, nuns in habits, women wearing the burka, the Virgin Mary and more, which explores the becoming of the dwelling itself and the experience of the dichotomy of domesticity. The second being Heads, a series of photographs of heads covered by domestic objects or food, portraying the embedded meaning that the work signifies the quiet screaming that we do when we are bending to the expectations others have of us. All three projects inject the strong cultural meanings Carroll systematically portrays, hidden both physically and mentally.

The ideology that women are trapped by the traditional role of domesticity is portrayed through the suffocating of mannequins under mundane objects, which are transformed through the mixed array of contrasting colour combinations and achieved through the process of camouflage. Every image holds a differing narrative, from ‘Lovely’, the sherbet shaded enchanted boudoir to ‘Tea Party’ the Alice in Wonderland inspired, blue hued image, inviting hilarity and pathos into the cultural chaos Carroll’s work is portraying. Every inch of the scenes have been beautifully inhabited by an object or pattern, enhancing the success of the images which appear unclear as to whether the subject is in fact a mannequin or a real woman.

To purchase images from this series, you can contact Spotte Art. Also, some works from this series as well as the Anonymous Women: Draped are available at OAC Gallery.


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