London based photographer Rosaline Shahnavaz gives deeper insight into the photographer-model relationship in her new book, FERN, named after her model friend, in which she documents moments with her through pictures.

The pair’s friendship developed over the space of a year, after first meeting at a shoot. Since then, they construed a string of effectual images that explore the many aspects of their personal and work-based relationship. What makes this so special is that if many of these moments weren’t captured, they may have ended up as blurred memories that are left unvisited.


The book explores deep-seated moments between a photographer and her muse, and within the course of the year the shots had been taken, both photographer and muse advanced in life: from moving cities to starting fresh relationships, and strengthening the friendship shared between one another.

“When I started to make the book, I laid out all the photographs in chronological order on my studio floor. It was cool to see our relationship evolve from start to finish”, said Shahnavaz in an interview.

Shahnavaz expressed that as a photographer, she cares more about looking into the distinctiveness of the people in front of her lens, rather than perfections. It is these distinctions that make the images individually special: “It was more about documenting the in-between moments of our relationships as opposed to photographing something ‘perfect.’”

FERN is a project that ultimately leaves you feeling as though you were right there with the pair, through the entirety of their year.

Words by Matilda Sandi. All images by Rosaline Shahnavaz.