Paris is home to many charming idiosyncrasies, but arguably one of its quirkiest spots is the basketball court tucked away in the streets of the Pigalle neighbourhood.

The court is the passion project of Stéphane Ashpool – the founder of the fashion label named after its neighbourhood – who uses the space to coach his young team of basketball players. The iconic grounds are situated on rue Duperré in the 9th arrondissement, a hidden gem that quite literally gleams from within the city’s traditional, uniform streets. Ashpool previously collaborated with Nike for the initial design of the court back in 2009, but now, with the help of Parisian design agency iii Studio, the instantly recognisable primary colours have been transformed into warm, fluid shades worthy of a sunset. The cult status of Pigalle and its striking courts lives on.

All photographs by Sébastian Michellini via