The Tate Modern has invited Solange Knowles to respond to their current exhibition, Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power, an exploration of racial identity and struggle, and a celebration of the contribution black artists have made to the industry. The theme of black identity, particularly womanhood, was the powerful rhetoric of Knowles’ critically acclaimed album A Seat at the Table, exploring the racial conflict in America today. Expanding on from her album, she has created an interactive dossier titled Seventy States – for those who know her work well, a line from Cranes in the Sky.

Inspired by a photograph of artist Betye Saar and the role she played in the Black arts movement in the 1970s, Solange has created her own animated display, a visually stunning project documenting her personal artistic processes. In her own words, Solange’s manifesto reads: “The following interactive, in collaboration with artist Carlota Guerrero, contains some of the early concepts that helped shape and mold the visuals for the Cranes in the Sky and Don’t Touch My Hair, as well as unused concepts and scenes from the process using footage co- directed by Alan Ferguson. It also includes a piece titled we sleep in our clothes, (because we’re warriors of the night) 2017. I created this at Tate Modern with Guerrero featuring Capsules (NBP x me-you) 2010 by Ricardo Basbaum. This is directed by Alan Del Rio Ortiz. There are also two untitled poems which I’ve written, dated 2 June 2017.”

See a few snippets below from Cranes in the Sky, and catch the Soul of a Nation Exhibition at the Tate Modern until 22nd October. Find out more and read Solange’s full manifesto here.



Video content courtesy of, direction Solange Knowles and Alan Ferguson