“There’s a re-emergence of interest in what psychedelic means,” suggests Phong Bui, the visionary behind the Spaced Out: Migration to the Interior, an exhibition hosted by Red Bull Studios in New York City. The exhibition revisits the exciting day of psychedelic art, which thrived in the 1960’s and 70’s, recalling classic images from that era. In this signature space, fluffy pink shag carpet cover walls, floors and ceilings, while lighting mirrors the effect of visual hallucinations. Contributing to colour, an installation by Jim Lambie features a floor swathed in a chimera of Technicolor tape running throughout the exhibit.

According to Phong Bui, the decor was an obvious choice: ” The space at Red Bull looks weird, like the set for an Austin Powers movie,”  he says. “I curate according to the given space. There’s a beautiful Vietnamese proverb: If you live in a long tube, be thin; if you live in a barrel, be round”. Utilizing the psychedelic as a viable playground of artistic creation, strengthened by the use of colours and bold patterns. The work of Phong Bui seeks to challenge our perceptions once again.





Words By Isis Spence