Celebrating the art of ‘Flânerie’, Hermès Wanderland at Saatchi Gallery is an experimental labyrinth. These are the freedom of spirit  and dreaming  that the French maison brings to the art  world, where a Birkin bag and an iconic scarf  beautifully blend into the background of our existence .Walking through the 14-stop  Hermès universe, here are the lessons  we’ve learnt.

1. Window shopping in the arcades is quintessentially French.


2. Walking in the Parisian rain is a truly cosmic experience.

Hermes 3

3. A Birkin or two are perfect home décor.

Hermes 2

4. A walking stick is a fashion accessory in revival.

Hermes 4

5. Where your life can’t take you, your imagination definitely can.

Hermes 5

Hermès Wanderland runs until May, 3rd.