Ted Pim’s gloriously obscure works pose a stunning juxtaposition between the luxurious nature of the art and the urban decrepit environments in which they are displayed.

The mysterious essence of the setting allows for the surprising of the unsuspecting viewer, further enhanced through the fact, similarly to many street artists, Pim chooses to keep his identity anonymous and the background information available is sparse to say the least.

Armed with paints, industrial torches and an antique camera, the Irish artist travels the globe, scouting for the next abandoned building in which to leave his mark. Pim transforms a single wall standing alone inside each building, repeatedly informing his works with his inspirations by The Old Masters, creating works similar to the likes of Carvaggio and Rembrandt yet injected with his haunting aesthetic. Pim’s baroque inspired murals embed an unintentional religious undertone, highlighted by the imitation of light the artist beautifully creates. Pim’s artworks act as a visual lure, expressing the dark nature of the unexpected hidden in the depths of the abandoned. As seen when approached, the distortion of the face is a repeated element of Pim’s aesthetic, somewhat suggestion an ominous element embedded.

Ted Pim’s unique rendition of classical artworks stretches further than the rich tones and detailed technique, producing an atmospheric experience in which to lose one’s self. To keep up to date with his work, follow his Instagram here.