The fetishisation of youth is perhaps as relevant today as it has ever been: the rapid and ever-changing landscape of the new and novel has people scrambling for the cutting-edge. It is within this climate that VFILES, the creative-focused social networking platform, has launched an entirely crowdsourced magazine, featuring content submitted by an entire community centred on the theme: “we’ve got issues”.

The publication, dubbed “WOMB”, is an introspective survey into the minds of today’s youth: creative individuals such as writers, artists, photographers, stylists, and models have engaged with questions affecting Generation Z and Millennial. Questions such as “what’s your generation’s issue?”, “nearest-to-death experience?”, and “where did you exit the womb?” all spur the discussion, with data collected from various surveys and intel into the VFILES community.

As well as trying to grapple the kinds of ways that today’s youth navigate the world, WOMB also aims to be a compendium into its community, tapping into the wealth of personal testimonies and expression, offering visibility and inter-personal connections. No topic escapes its scope – everything from health, love, style, relationships, identity, economics, politics, become enveloped in the magazine’s investigation of contemporary youth culture.

WOMB’s inception and development owes a lot to VFILES original collaborator, Kevin Amato, who was the zine’s editor-in-chief and co-founder. “WOMB is theirs,” he commented, “a birthing play and platform for emerging artists of all genres and mediums… WOMB is by the kids and for the kids… the global voice for creative cultivators and move-makers.”

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