Tagging, a graffiti practice of artists signing their name on public walls and spaces, was once frowned upon as a vandal’s activity, signifying the deviance and rebellion of urban culture. However, the artfulness of some tags and the sophistical style that has evolved out of graffiti and street art as a whole has been embraced by mainstream art institutions, bringing them into the fold of wider critical and commercial appreciation.

From August 19th, The Living Gallery will be home to ten small paintings by Jason, written by hand, bringing the practice of tagging into the formalised academic space. These pieces, part of a solo exhibition named ‘WALL 2016’ evoke the style of street art, and though hanging within a gallery, bring with them the impression of urban walls that these texts call home.

“I am keen on bringing street art and graffiti art to the highest level” 

Jason has been working in New York for over four years, carving out his own niche through his quirky, whimsical style of writing. His signature is bringing the childlike and haphazard into his canvas, writing through a juvenile impulse and charming spontaneity. Now, his presence on the streets of the Big Apple has been brought indoors, and with the help of certified graphologists, shine a new spotlight on his elusive scribbles.

Swing by WALL 2016 at The Living Gallery, 1094 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York 11221, from 19th August onwards to glimpse Jason’s playful graffiti writing.