Often known for his anti-establishment outlooks, British fashion designer Matthew Miller has referenced everything from war to decay and deconstruction in previous collections, using fashion to communicate political thought and powerful messages. For his AW16 collection, the Stoke-on-Trent-born designer was inspired by the term ‘Nouveau Riche’, with the intention of reinventing its derogatory meaning and giving it new life. Miller decided to commission exact replicas of famed oil painting ‘David and Goliath’ by Baroque painter Caravaggio, who was known exclusively for his dramatic lighting techniques called Chiaroscuro. Once the paintings were complete, Miller cut up the replicas to use as ingenious fabrics to make two tailored trench coats and two stylish vests.

These truly artistic one-of-a-kind pieces inspired by some of the most highly valued artworks in the world are highlighted further by the sleek simplicity and contemporary utilitarian flair of the rest of the collection, which is filled with crisp fitted suits and coats in whites, blacks and greys.

Miller’s love affair with fine art continues into his SS17 collection, where beautifully finished matching denim jacket and trouser pieces were recently spotted on the runways of LCM. The twin set was created from hand-painted denim, based on the renowned ‘A Study of Clouds’ (1871) by painter John Constable, departing from the more aggressive designs of his previous collections and adding a sense of romanticism. Evidently, the Royal College of Art graduate places great value in the craftsmanship of his designs, often opting to create many of his own fabrics from scratch, and giving his pieces a luxurious quality that sets him apart from other rising menswear designers.


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