Stefhany Y. Lozano is a complex artist, trying to work without the concept, to let the best of the subconcious to reveal. Moving from Colombia to Germany, she still cannot have a proper conversation in German, but her art speaks for her. Her mind is wandering, endlessly exploring the past and times Stefhany has not experienced, but would love to understand. At the moment we’re talking, she’s thinking it’s time to clean the table at her Leipzig apartment. We think it’s time you get to know her universe.

On the creative proces… Most of my projects have started with a list places where I have lived, people I have dated, boats I have seen crossing the river… And eventually, the list has become a series of illustrations or paintings that I normally put together into a small publication.

When it comes to drawing or painting, I never really do a sketch, I never really had a sketchbook. So do I do is painting the space or scenario and then I figure out what’s going to happen there.

On the ‘Between My Future and Your Present’ series… It’s funny, the hole idea was to make something without a real concept behind. Most of the times, I overthink my ideas and I’m not able to draw. I did this series of paintings after I finished my MA, and I needed some time to clear up my head, keep myself busy and try new things. That’s how the series came up. As it was the time to think about my future and I was not sure what I want to do next, the series ended up being about that women, trying to predict the future by reading the palm of the hands.

On new art mediums… I always wanted to work with ceramics and enamel. I think there are so many medias I can approach as an Illustrator, I would like to try as much as I can. For now, I work with things I have at home. Recently,I also got into tattooing, whenever some friends are willing to let me ink their skin.

On symbolism in illustration… That depends on the topic. I love medieval art where the use of symbols is all over the palce I guess I got very influenced by it.

On Germany and Colombia clashes… I came to Germany due to a scholarship in 2010. Two years later, I decided to stay longer and do my MA here. During that time, I met my husband Tim Romanowsky (an illustrator and filmmaker). It’s because of him that I’m still here. We live in Leipzig since a couple of months and I like it a lot. I have a couple of friends I spend time with and I have a beautiful flat, where I spend the hole day working.

It is very different from Colombia – the people, the food, the places, the way of working… I have to say that I really like how Germany works as a country and how everything functions perfectly, besides the nazi-demonstrations every Monday.  Still, I miss a lot the warmth of my friends and family back home. And the food!

On social media… It is a huge tool for artist, to show their work, make contacts, look what’s going on around and make projects with people that live miles away and speak languages you will never learn.

On current projects… I’m working in a series of paintings for a zine called ‘Electrica Salsa’ based on a song title from OFF – a very popular artist in the 80’s, not really remembered nowdays. I came up with the title before I knew exactly what I wanted to do. IT is about the time I would love to grow up in, I was born in the 80’s but I’m a 90’s kid. For me the 80’s was a great time for music, art, cinema, fashion and video games. Everything was colorful, extravagant, sexy – the special effects were fantastic and the vision the people had around year 2000 was just amazing. It’s a shame we don’t have the flying cars yet. This new fanzine is about the times I couldn’t really be part of.

On Idols… I just realised all my idols are named David. David Lynch, David Bowie and David Cronenberg. Amazing people with amazing ideas. I just love  and admire them. I think I don’t have to explain myself why they are my Idols.

On dreams… I’m kind of living my dream, I am able to spend the hole day doing what I love. My idea is for my work to become more successful, being able to show it around the world, feature it in many more publications, get to know the talented people out there. What I am right now though, is a part of it and I’m enjoyint it a lot.

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