Mary Katrantzou returns for a second iconic collaboration with Adidas.

Fiercely feminine and undoubtedly unique, the collection was inspired by 80’s workout and fitness imagery, using sportswear paraphernalia to create vibrant, abstract collages and patterns. Intricate, digital prints emblazon classic wardrobe staples and on close inspection reveal collages of a variety of sports accessories, from tennis rackets to shuttlecocks.

Garments are intricately decorated with crystals, silicone badges and more, to create a stunning kaleidoscopic effect. The striking colour palette adds to this prismatic style, featuring turquoise, indigo and lilac heavily, with additional splashes of the spectrum throughout. Among full-length flowing gowns are more athletic pieces such as badminton dresses, joggers and leggings, all teamed up with a reinvented pair of Adidas classics to match.

The spectacular collection will be available in stores and online from July 2015.