You may remember 00’s rapper Cam’ron not only for his contribution to hip-hop, but also his memorable fashion out-takes. If anyone has a signature colour, its Cam’ron, and that colour is pink (check out the NYFW 2002 pink mink proof above). Releasing ‘U Wasn’t There’ earlier this year, Cam’ron is rumoured to be releasing his final album sometime soon, Purple Haze 2. In line with this, news just hit that the rapper is bringing out a trainer design in collaboration with Reebok at the same time. Trainer-Celebrity collabs are occurring on the scene more and more these days, often a winning strategy with some extremely successful results. We’re expecting some serious 00’s nostalgia from Cam’ron’s version, and we could be rewarded with just that, as its rumoured to┬ábe purple with a contrasting pink insole – so there’s certainly no way you can doubt its his creation. Releasing April 20th (when else to release ‘Purple Haze’??), keep an eye out for the latest rapper’s trainer to be on the market.