Barcelona-based clothing brand Costalamel just launched the second chapter of their SS17 collection ‘Don’t Grow Up’. The collection is dedicated to youth culture’s sheer wish to stay young while not wasting time with learning to grow up. It’s about teenagers and young adults who follow a romantic idealism in terms of finding their own way in life, which contradict the lies that adulthood implicates.

A constant design element is a rose print, as well as slogans such as ‘Don’t grow up it’s a trap,’ which are used on the brand’s basic tees, limited-edition caps and pullovers. The rose represents the artistic side of the brand, showing the process of growing up as a blooming flower. The collection features some statement colours, such as yellow and a soft pink, along side minimalistic colours like white, black and dark grey.

The look book was shot in Barcelona by Spanish photographer Elisa Carnicer, who captured the pieces in two different versions, enhancing the contradictive statement of the collection.

“On the one hand a relaxed, natural, unkempt, spontaneous and rebellious aesthetics. Reinforced with a photography that seeks blur, accident and naturalness: the imperfect, unfinished and open work. On the other hand, in graphics: simplicity, minimalism, black and white, order and harmony: the finished, completed and closed work.  The merge of these two Worlds so disparate, the beauty of these contradictions, is what creates the authenticity of Costalamel.”

While chapter one has a very bright, almost daydreamy touch to it, chapter two features a more eerie atmosphere. By playing with shadows and using an old, abandoned pool as the main location, Carnicer created a mystic atmosphere, using a very natural style of photography: “A mix of classy but trashy looks seeking for blur, accident and natural photos. Too much perfection is a mistake.”

Find the look book below and explore the collection here.

Lookbook-Landscape-300px1 Lookbook-Landscape-300px2 Lookbook-Landscape-300px3 Lookbook-Landscape-300px5 Lookbook-Landscape-300px10 Lookbook-Landscape-300px9 Lookbook-Landscape-300px8 Lookbook-Landscape-300px7 Lookbook-Landscape-300px6