Craig Green reveals his AW17 Campaign, shot by Dan Tobin Smith and styled by Robbie Spencer.
Said-to-be inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s L’Uomo Vitruviano, and depictions of Hindu gods, “whose many arms symbolise superhuman power” – it’s not hard to see why many surmise Green as being an ascendancy of British Menswear.

The campaign features images of snuggled human figures, merging together as one, creating a giant human raft of some form, representing the vigour of integrated effort and collaborative force.

Craig Green (2)
‘In each image, this machine is depicted impacting water,’ says Green in a statement. ‘A substance that not only connects all life on earth, but also as a key criterion of habitability elsewhere – the possibility of life beyond it.’

Photographer, Dan Tobin Smith, was specifically chosen by Green himself, due to his proficiency in shooting larger scale still life visuals. “He’s a kind of incredible scientific kind of photographer. It’s like he knows how to work everything out,” he explains.

There’s no telling what is to come for his future campaigns, but we can only hope and speculate that it might blow our minds just as much as this did.

Words by Matilda Sandi