With her AW17 collection, designer Maxine Beiny captures what life issues and stereotypes her generation, the millennials, have to face in a world of Tinder, becoming adults and gaining employment in a world with massive competition.

With phrases, such as “Grow a Fuckboy” on long t-shirt dresses, or Tinder conversations, which she turned into large graphic-prints, Beiny implements fun sarcasm within her garments by choosing actual statements like, “You’d probably be hotter if you didn’t try so hard and dressed normally.”

For the look book, photographed by Thurstan Redding, Beiny combined shirts with ripped blouses held together by safety pins, satin maxi skirts, trainers, y2k sunglasses and a sense of nudity. The styling represents a workforce which doesn’t conform to the traditional way of office dressing; an idea inspired from the negative job experiences Beiny had to face after graduating from Middlesex in 2014.

However, bad memories shaped her creativity and gave her the power to craft something truly inspiring that a whole generation can relate to and identify with.

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