A new photo book is heading back to East London’s Heyday, charting the 80’s style from the streets of Dalston. The book is compiled of the images of Andrew Holligan, a high-end fashion photographer in New York City until moving to London’s east end in 1984, where he was inspired to capture the unique fashion he found upon the city’s streets. Shooting in black and white using a 1950s Rolleiflex camera, the images compiled are accompanied by Holligans  handwritten notes, providing both an insight into his own time in Dalston as well as the lives of the people he captures. Discovering a varying range of styles, ages and occupations, Holligan describes how he wandered the streets ‘not knowing what to expect […] It comes down to the people you meet and how they react to the camera. I am usually looking for unselfconsciousness. Kids are good at this”.

A wonderful tribute to a more authentic, ungentrified time and the fashionable people who shaped our city, Dalston in the 80s was published this week by Hoxton Mini Press and is available to buy now.