Born after a journey through Haiti, De Gris is a label with principles rooted in traditional crafts, creating timeless ethical pieces made from sustainable materials.

A product of several architects, César Silva Urdaneta, Tatiana Michalski, and Mehrnoush Naraghi, and a Sorbonne-bred lawyer Raphaël Bentolila, De Gris values the savoir-faire and is built on the basis of fair trade. With a simple sculptural and elegant aesthetic, their bags reflect an admiration for geometric architectural design, sophisticated modernity, and a respect for nature and the protection of traditions.

Each bag is hand-made in their Paris atelier, infusing the rich history and techniques of expert Haitian artisans. The most precious and unique material incorporated in every bag, is the bovine horn – a by-product of the food industry, which local artisans would salvage from waste and sculpt into desirable objects. Contributing zero impact on the local environment, this unique treasure hunt became the basis of conception for De Gris’ designs. Partial profits of the bags are also directly distributed to a non-profit organization called Haïti Futur, supporting valuable education in Haiti and the development of Haitian artisans.

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