This week the minimal, delicately constructed jewellery collaboration of Knobby Studio and artist Laurie Franck has caught our eye. A french photographer and tattoo artist, Franck has designed a range of earrings, necklaces and broaches, inspired by the female form.

The naked body is at the centre of Franck’s art, across her various mediums. ‘Alone, in love, sexual, or abstract … Her fragile lines depict or deconstruct the human shape; reminding us that it’s this body that connects us to ourselves, and above all, connects us to each other’.

Franck describes how: ‘all my work revolves around the body, and especially women’s bodies, or the position the body can take. That’s why sometimes my drawings are really abstract: I try to deconstruct; to have really simple lines, and to make something more illustrative appear in something that’s abstract’. These abstract, deconstructed forms have been reproduced in jewellery form, taking the shape of minimal nudes, with imperfect, running lines.

Ranging from $40-$85, shop the entire collection here.