If you’re feeling to splurge on the latest celeb-designer collab must have, then look no further than Rihanna and Dior’s latest sunglasses range, a 5 colourway frame inspired by none other than StarTrek’s La Forge’s own iconic style (obviously, duh).

Fashion Icon: Star Trek’s La Forge


The futuristic design is certainly a statement piece, with a geometric wraparound design in highly reflective metallic shades. Rihanna has been a Dior brand ambassador for just over a year now, but this is only the pair’s second collaboration after her feature in the “Secret Garden IV” campaign last March. With her extensive fashion design resume however, with other collaborations for Puma and Stance, we wonder whether this is just the beginning of more products to follow with Dior.

The sunglasses themselves are set to retail for around $840, with an additional 24-karat gold plated version available at $1,950 for those wanting an extra show stopping piece. Sci-fi has never looked so luxury.