Partel Oliva directs Club Ark Eternal – the new short film for Kenzo’s Resort and Men’s SS17 Collection. The eclectic movie is a celebration of club culture as “a powerful source of alternative energies against racism, sexual oppression and class violence.”

The theme is expressed through dance; largely solo performances, focusing on the experience for the individual. Oliva describes how: “It’s a film about dancing but we approached it with the idea of not taking dancing for granted. So we sat with Ryan and the dancers, showed them a video of a man, clearly not a pro, dancing with such abandon that he seemed deep in thought, on the brink of discovery. It’s about dance as pleasure and privilege […] The structure of the film mimics moving through planes of experience: induction, breathwork, ecstasy, convulsions, sensory illusions, visions. Sometimes the dancer reaches the light, sometimes she doesn’t.”

A captivating and thoughtful trance masterpiece, Oliva’s fifth instalment for the house continues to wow as a piece of standout fashion film. Watch below: