For it’s SS16 show Prada collaborated with AMO to investigate the perception of continuous space through an invasion of the ceiling. The fiberglass and polycarbonate stalactites manipulated the proportions and perspectives of the industrial setting and the alternations between different levels of views and transparencies introduced the guests to a blurred horizon.

From this industrial cavern, illuminated with neon lights and coated in cold concrete emerged a collection that was feminine, delicate and playful, providing a clear and interesting contrast with the surroundings of it. Flower embellishments on long coats, midi skirts and bon-ton jackets with stripes of all kinds and lacey nets laid onto shoulders.

Prada’s SS16 collection provided a series of ensembles which reflected the well-thought taste in dressing we would imagine an Italian woman in general – and a Prada girl in particular – to have.

Colours were not to be missed, combined in elegant pallets which surprised us for the shiny hues and the bright contrasts of some of the looks.

Makeup was kept uber neutral and the hair was flattened and pulled back, in order not to provide any detail which might distract the viewer from the true stars of the show: these beautifully made and creatively constructed clothes.

All images via Prada Press Office.