Last week the much anticipated fashion documentary on Belgian designer Dries Van Noten, Dries, premiered at the Copenhagen International Documentary Festival. Followed by German filmmaker Reiner Holzemer for an entire year, the film takes a comprehensive look at the designer’s creative process, capturing the conceptualisation, production and final showing of four collections.  “I was not looking for the drama of fashion – what goes wrong shortly before a show – which most other fashion films do,” says Holzemer. “I wanted to make it like other artist portraits I’ve done, and give a real insight into his world and thinking”. The notoriously private designer took several years to be convinced into making the film, allowing exclusive access into his Antwerp studio.

The film not only delves into the collections being producing today, but takes a look back at the designers entire career, from his fashion school days in the 1970’s to his struggle for independence from conglomerates in the early 2000’s.  The film also takes a look at Von Noten’s personal life, exploring his home, talking to his partner of thirty years, Patrick Vangheluwe, and even introducing us to their pet dog, Airedale. Holzemer describes Van Noten as living in a “cosmos, more or less – the house, the studio in Antwerp, his partner, his dog. Everything belongs together”.

Find out more about Dries over on the Copenhagen Documentary Festival website here.