More and more big name brands are committing themselves to cutting c02 emissions and concentrating on their corporate social responsibilities in regards to the environment. Following in the footsteps of Stella McCartney and Vivienne Westwood, Prada is the latest big name fashion brand to step up their eco efforts, unveiling to the public their plans for the future ahead. The company claims that already in the past year they have reduced its emissions by 596 tonnes, increased its absorption by 20 tonnes (by reforesting the area around Valvigna, Tuscany), increased the amount it recycles by 19%, used 40% more recycled paper, and reduced its overall waste by 6%. Promising to produce similar reports for the years ahead to show continued progress in these fields, Prada stated: We feel it is our responsibility to adopt and promote virtuous behaviour, to contribute to the sustainable development of our company and to be an example of best practices within our sector. We encourage the conscientious use of resources through a daily process of awareness-raising among our employees, along the supply chain, with partners and suppliers to spread the culture of environmental sustainability and to continue to seek out new opportunities to reduce waste.

Following the UN’s climate change conference COP21, we can only hope that more companies will start to embark in the same footsteps, as governments unite in promising to save our planet. Follow Prada’s plans here.