Savannah and Sydney, also known as, The Trollsen Twins, are a creative duo that have been producing provocative work since their kinetic first meeting. Based in Montreal, Canada, these self-proclaimed soul-twins started creating projects which allowed them to freely express their creativity. This soon became a very successful full time job for the pair, which has seen them becoming regular contributors of Teen Vogue and published work in cult magazines Highsnobiety, Dress to Kill and Polyester. We chatted with the girls about how they met, their thoughts on the Canadian fashion scene and the inspiration behind their exclusive featured photo series: Junkers.

Savannah and Sydney, twins or not twins?
Trollsen Twins: Not biologically, but emotionally and vaginally, yes. We both got our period yesterday. We’re always in sync.

Tell us about your story and how you came together professionally.
Sydney: I was hired to be a writer for the fashion section of a local blog. The day I walked into my first meeting, Savannah was my Editor. We went home together that night, laughing the whole way and realized that we were practically neighbours. We lived on the opposite ends of the same street, which is an accurate representation of how different yet similar we are.

You’re from Montreal, Canada. What can you tell us about the Canadian fashion scene?
Savannah: The issue in Montreal isn’t that there’s no style or willingness to create – there’s actually a lot of that – but the industry doesn’t support new talent very much. The city is in a retail exodus and our laws forbidding everything English makes it challenging for designers to succeed. Most of them tend to move to New York or Toronto right after their business starts to kick off, because there’s so much more opportunity over there. We love Canada so much, particularly our city, so it’s heartbreaking to see so much potential being crushed.

The Trollsen TwinsYou’re both writers and stylists. Who does what and how do you collaborate on different projects?
Trollsen Twins: We like to do it all, but if we had to split our shit Savannah would definitely be the highly organized, OCD Editor-in-Chief and Sydney would be the slightly crazy Creative Director.

What is it that you absolutely cannot live and work without?
Trollsen Twins: Much like chihuahuas we need a decent snack and water every two to three hours. We move quickly and can’t handle slackers, we have too many ideas to be wasting our time working with those less thirsty.

You’re contributors for Teen Vogue and have been published in magazines such as Highsnobiety and Dress to Kill. Is there a particular project that you’re particularly proud of?
Trollsen Twins: We give every project the same amount of love but becoming writers for Teen Vogue was huge for us. We grew up reading the magazine and it’s a very meaningful opportunity for us to be able to write about issues such as body positivity, cyber bullying, sexism and diversity, which all really matter for us.

The Trollsen TwinsLet’s talk about your latest project: Junkers. How did you come up with the concept for this series?
Sydney: Montreal is notoriously brutal in the Summer, when infrastructure and road construction take over the city, so we decided to escape to a suburban paradise.
Savannah: We’re also really into Western fashion and Junkers has that kind of elevated trailer-trash vibe.

Tell us more about the story you aimed to tell through these images.
Trollsen Twins: Basically, that being a little naughty and escaping to your parents house can sometimes be a good look!

The series was shot by Delphine Lewis, a Montreal-based film photographer. Why did you choose to work with her in particular?

Trollsen Twins: Delphine has that really candid and rough style that was a perfect fit to our theme. She’s also good at removing sticky leather pants off sweaty bodies, which always helps.

The Trollsen TwinsHow do you usually pick a certain photographer to shoot your work?
Trollsen Twins: We spend so much time looking for talent on Instagram and Tumblr that we’ve actually developed scoliosis from bending over our phones! We live in the best time because we can travel and find talent everywhere, no matter where we go to.

The styling for Junkers featured UK brand Major London 05. How did you discover the brand and what made you want to create a story around it?
Trollsen Twins: The girls at Major London first hit us up through Instagram. We’ve been collaborating for years now and for this shoot their mesh and glitzy pieces were the perfect cherry on top to our junky looks.

You also featured quite a few vintage pieces. Do you often use vintage?
Trollsen Twins: We live for vintage! Why shop in any high street when you can find unique treasures on a dusty old rack somewhere? We are collectors and our clothing racks are constantly on the verge of collapsing: it’s borderline addiction.

The Trollsen TwinsTell us about your ultimate professional goal.
Trollsen Twins: Our job started as the result of our need for an outlet to spew all of our creative ideas and it’s transformed itself into a publishing platform for International artists that we admire. We’re always surprised and pleased when people want to hear our ideas and not only click through our editorials. Merging fashion and thoughtful critique is our bread and butter and we hope to keep developing that.

Visit The Trollsen Twins official website here.