Shot by David Bailey, on London’s infamous East End streets, we present Valentino’s picturesque, AW15 menswear campaign.

Everything about this campaign is relatable, from the instantly recognisable locations to the busker man playing his guitar. It’s charming, colourful and evokes the idea that ‘hey, even if I’m not in a position to afford it now, who says I cant pick up a piece of Valentino from one of the East’s wave of charity shops.’ It’s possible… No?

Much to our delight, an array of beautiful men feature throughout the advertisements, namely; George Barnett, Matthieu Gregoire, Nicolas Ripoll, Serge Rigvava, Tancrede Scalabre and Tommaso de Benedictis. The inspirational overlap between luxury and necessity allows the unique, fun and considered campaign to stand a clear mile from the rest.