With London Fashion Week fast approaching next month, the Queen of British Fashion, Vivienne Westwood herself has stepped up to design this seasons festival tote bag. And in true Viv style, she’s taken the opportunity to send an important message to all concerning climate change, a topic now under increasing threat from Donald Trump’s America.

Inspired by her AW17 show “Ecotricity”, the bag depicts the map graphic that Westwood designed as a representation of NASA’s projection of what climate change will do to the world should the temperature rise by four degrees or more. The message is simple, and stated plainly: change to Green Energy – ‘Ecotricity’ – and help prevent Climate Change.

You can buy the limited edition totes at LFWF for £20, and 50% of the profit will be donated to Fuel Poverty Action, a charity handpicked by Vivienne herself. The FPA works with pensioners’ groups and tenants’ associations who provide practical aid to the elderly and those in financial need, such as blankets, draft-proofing, and helping people to get their debts written off.

Pick up a bag and help spread the message.