Anthony Vaccarello reveals his first menswear collection lookbook for YSL with a beautiful series of collages created by Collier Schorr. Featuring the likes of Lukas Ionesco, star of Larry Clark’s The Smell of Us, Schorr brings the newly created menswear collection by Vaccarello to life.

The sleek and unmistakable tailoring, a definite signature of the Maison, gets poisoned with shiny PVC and leather, shaping the new YSL boys, surprisingly coherent with the true identity of the brand.

The collaged images are accompanied and enriched by a short movie directed by Nathalie Canguilhem – for real – but also Ionesco himself – virtually – portrayed in the act of capturing the models featured in the campaign with a seemingly old-fashioned video camera.

The overall taste of retro, sensuality and a rightly balanced mix of femininity and masculinity is absolutely delicious and speaks of Vaccarello as a promising new guide to the mutilated French iconic House, which has gone through so many changes in the last few years, just to end up going back to its core, yet refreshed and modernised.

Saint Laurent Men 5

Saint Laurent Men 3


Watch Nathalie Canguilhem’s short movie here:


All Images by Collier Schorr.