Alejandro Chal has spent the last few years teasing his swelling number of fans with a handful of quality songs, sealing his reputation as one of R&B’s most promising talents to emerge recently. The pressure had been on since A.CHAL first arrived on the scene, but he lived up to the hype – and hyped he was – when his first full length LP arrived in June. Built over ten tracks, Welcome to GAZI introduces you to his heavy, stirring sound and, beyond that, his entire world: GAZI.

The song which landed with the greatest impact “Round Whippin'”, which features an intoxicating mix of deep bass, looped choral vocals and A.CHAL’s own distant voice. Yet the track is still riding a wave of momentum, having been treated to some impressive visuals at the end of last week. Directed by Matt Vatblé, the video sticks to A.CHAL’s slick aesthetic, taking us on as much of a trip as his heady brand of R&B. The visuals allow us to join him through the night, flitting between intimate facial close-ups and twisted views of the star-strewn sky.

Following the album’s release, A.CHAL will be playing dates in New York, Toronto and LA throughout August as part of his “Show es Gratis” series – for those that can’t speak Spanish, that means free shows.

Download Welcome to Gazi here. Find out about A.CHAL tour dates here.